Tips on How to Lose Weight with Green Tea Diet

You don’t need to spend a lot of money and invest so much time and effort in different weight loss plans that won’t always work for you.

Just adding a green tea diet can definitely do wonders for your body more than you can ever imagine.

According to a best-selling book entitled “The 7-Day Flat Belly Tea Cleanse”, the lifesaving green tea can help you shred off until 9 pounds a week.

Here are some tips that help you ace that green tea diet. Check out the list below:

  • Choose the right type of tea for you.

There are too many types of tea, each having their own special abilities and effects on your health. But if you want to speed up your weight loss plan, then investing in the perfect tea for you is a must.

For weight loss effects, the most recommendable type of tea for this goal is green tea. Green tea significantly lowers the potentially dangerous fat found in the blood called the triglyceride.

Moreover, you can always upgrade your tea choice to matcha green tea. There had been a lot of good reviews about the weight-loss effects of matcha green tea.

In one of our previous articles, we had mentioned everything that you need to know about amazing green tea.

Matcha green tea contains as much as 137 times greater EGCG content.

The EGCG is the super potent nutrient found in green tea that boosts breakdown of body fat and blocks the formation of new fat cells.

Aside from its weight-loss effects, it has even anti-cancer properties.

  • Pair it up with a workout routine.

A story of a single mother who lost a total of 112 pounds when she turned to green tea is an amazing proof of green tea’s effectiveness.

Green tea has changed her life when she consistently added the green tea to her everyday diet. But there is no guarantee that it will always have the same effect on everyone.

To be downright sure, you should pair it up with an effective workout routine.

Green tea makes the greatest post-workout drink. According to a Brazilian study, participants who consumed three cups of green tea for a week had fewer cell damage caused by resistance to exercise.

Thus, consuming green tea can help you recover faster after an intense work-out.

In a relative study, participants who consumed 4-5 cups of green tea and working out a total of 25-40 minutes for 12 weeks lost up to two pounds.

Apart from keeping you fit, there are also other good reasons that you should establish a workout routine.

According to scientists, exercise will not only make you healthier but also makes you feel more confident, energized, and a happy person.

Exercise helps release happy hormones and thus alleviating your stress level. Imagine this profound effect of exercise together with the wonders of green tea?

Perfect combination, indeed.

  • Blend in green tea in your smoothie.

Some types of tea can be an incredible addition to your fruit smoothies. Fruit smoothies are known as versatile smoothies that you often see when you walk around malls and marketplace.

It is a thick, blended beverage with a shake-like consistency often mixed in a blender with fruits/vegetables as well as milk or yogurt.

There are a lot of benefits that you can get from your service of smoothie especially because all the fruits used are fresh and don’t undergo any other processed beverages in the market.

But have you ever wondered if you could mix it up with your favorite green tea? Well, that’s definitely not a bad idea at all.

Just blend in your usual smoothie and just add a portion of your favorite green tea in powdered form.

This can be a great mix up, you can always try every day and even substitute your breakfast with it.

Replace regular breakfasts with your smoothies and cook up tea additions for a greater chance of losing weight and you’ll see great improvements.

Don’t worry though, there are a lot of fruit smoothies perfect for your weight loss diet.

  • Munch your favorite superfood with tea.

Superfoods are a great addition to your weight loss diet as it can do wonders for your overall health.

Additionally, there are a lot of superfoods that are good for weight loss themselves. But imagine pairing it up with a cup of green tea.

Sure thing, shredding off that extra pounds would be much faster.

Among the superfoods that are amazingly useful for its weight loss effects are avocados, pineapples, oranges, honey, turmeric, and many more.

You ever wonder what all these superfoods have in common? These superfoods all have metabolism-boosters that help your body to process everything quickly and burn fat faster.

Aside from that, they contain a lot of dietary fiber that keeps you full longer, thus you consume less food and lesser calories.

There are more that these superfoods can do for your body, and pairing it up with a cup of green tea is by far the best solution for your weight loss goals.

  • It’s all about the right timing.

Green tea is known to be one of the healthiest beverage on earth today. Among its vast benefit is, of course, weight loss effects.

Now, you don’t probably want to waste your time on consuming it the wrong way. After all, all we really wanted is to maximize all of the green tea’s benefits to our great advantage.

When considering green tea diet, there are some important points that you should always remember. Check out the following:

  • Don’t drink green tea on an empty stomach. Doing so could possibly have ill effects on your liver.
  • Instead, take it in between meals. It is advisable to drink green tea an hour before and after a meal to maximize your nutrient intake.
  • Don’t take green tea together with your meal especially if you are anemic. You can do so, but make sure to eat foods that enhance iron absorption.
  • Add fruit extract like a lemon for a little twist of your usual cup of tea. You can also try milk or honey, but only in moderate quantities as they have added sugar.
  • If you don’t want to have trouble sleeping, please don’t drink green tea two to one hour before you sleep. The little amount of caffeine in tea can still kick in and may disturb your slumber.
  • Limit consumption of tea every day for only three to four cups a day. Consuming more than recommended can also have adverse effects on your body.

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