“Sencha Japan’s hallmark tea, born in Uji, Kyoto”

Dominating over 70% of Japanese tea consumption, sencha (green-leaf tea) is the hallmark tea of Japan. It is created through a process of picking, steaming, kneading,and drying tea leaves that have been grown in natural sunlight. The first-grade tea picked from late April through early May is a top quality product boasting an exquisite taste and fragrance. Fukamushi-cha (deep-steamed greentea) is popular for it’s milder taste, the bitterness having been subdued by a longer steaming process.


How to brew delicious tea

Different types of tea have different flavors. In order to bring out the best taste from each variety of tea, we must brew it according to its type. That is what makes the culture of tea interesting.

4 points you need to follow

The most important aspects of brewing tea are as follows:

  1. Amount of hot water
  2. Temperature
  3. Amount of tea leaves
  4. Brewing time

Once you have ensured that these points are taken care of, all you need to do is to pour out your tea until the last drop!

The most important aspects of brewing tea

Cool down by pouring the boiled into teacups


Put about 6 ~ 10g tea leaves into the teapot.
(6 ~ 10g for 3 ~ 5 people)


Pour hot water into the teapot and wait 60 secound to extract.


Serve equally into each teacup until the final drop is poured.


Enjoy with tea time.