Preservation Measures

Tip 1. Become A Connoisseur



Step 1: Check The Color And Gloss

Tea leaves whose color is a deep green, or a bright, glossy green, are suitable for you.







Step 2: Check The Shape

Those that are smooth, and long and hard like a needle, are suitable for you.






Step 3: Check The Texture

Those that are not dry and rough ,rather those that have a soft, gentle feel to them, and have a firm weight to them, are suitable for you.







Tea leaves that have an elegant, sweet-smelling aroma to them, are suitable for you.  Furthermore, if you can differentiate between the flavors and aromas of different varieties and brands, then you too are a connoisseur.


Tip 2. Green tea is a perishable good.

It loses its freshness over time. Even if you implement good preservation measures, it will lose its freshness over time.  This will happen no matter what you do.  Think about how frequently you drink it.  Then, purchase an amount that will last you around half a month and you should be good.




Furthermore, green tea does not do well with:

  • High temperatures
  • Oxygen
  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Things with strong smells


tip 3. Points To Consider

Put it in a sealed container, and store it in a cool dark place. It is best if you have a drying agent!

If green tea makes contact with the air, oxidization will progress.  Additionally, there is absorbency. If it absorbs air moisture, the taste will go bad. Moreover, it is weak to light and heat.  If it comes into contact with one of them, the quality will deteriorate and you will not be able to enjoy its original flavor.

Particularly, if you put in a refrigerator, make sure to seal it!

It will absorb the odors of the various foodstuffs in the refrigerator.

When you take it out of the refrigerator, let it return to room temperature before opening it!

If you immediately open it, it will absorb all of the moisture in the air, due to the temperature difference, and the quality will go bad.

If you buy a lot, make sure to subdivide.

You can reduce the amount that comes into contact with oxygen.


tip 4. What To Do If It Still Gets Old And Loses Its Flavor

Make Roasted Green Tea

Try heating up old green tea leaves in an oven for one hour at 120 degrees.
Your fragrant roasted green tea is finished.

Use It As A Deodorizer

Green tea contains many antibacterial and odor-absorbing attributes, so if you put it in a jar or a mesh bag, and then place it in a refrigerator or some shoes, it will work great as a deodorizer.

Brewed Green Tea In Food Dishes

Green tea that has been brewed is still a treasure trove of nutrition.  It can be applied to many kinds of dishes, such as an ingredient in fried food or hamburger mixes, or as a light topping on spaghetti.