Gyokuro Tea: The Finest Japanese Green Tea

Out of all green tea all over the world, Gyokuro tea is the finest and most interesting green tea as it has a lot good effects in our body that you couldn’t live a day without drinking it. A lot of people know different kinds of tea and its benefits but this Gyokuro Tea makes it different from them.

In Japan, It is the best finest green tea and it quickly became popular on the market in different countries. In our times today especially the older people have been suffering certain kinds of illnesses and diseases.

Subsequently, they were searching different kinds of remedy that can at least help and improve their mental and physical health.

Moreover, it has undergone special and unique way of the process which made it quite expensive and difficult to find. It only harvested once a year and it’s a rare effective plant.

As we get older we want our body to be more protected and well cared and this Gyokuro tea can help our body achieve it.

History of Gyokuro green tea

Grokuro tea was discovered way back 1835 during “Edo period” and produced by Yamamotoyama Tea Company. After the discovery, it became a hit in Japan because the process is different from other tea and was translated into English as “jewel dew or jade dew” referring to its pale green color of the infusion.

How is Gyokuro tea made and processed?

The Gyokuro tea was processed carefully because they aimed for best result and yes they did it!

1. Shading

Tea leaves were protected and shielded from the sunlight before harvesting, and because of hard work during processing time it cost high.

Growing tea leaf-shaded will reduces the photosynthesis in young leaf buds and produces more chlorophyll which caused changes of its contents. Upon less exposure to the sun, the tea leaf will result as softer and tender.

2. Harvesting and Steaming

Once the young leaf buds are harvested, it should immediately steam to discontinue the oxidation process and preserve its benefits and flavor.

3. Rolling

We have this standard shape of Gyokuro green tea which is a needle shape and it’s a one of a kind all over the world. After harvesting and steaming it is now cooled down and will undergo different stages of rolling to make the leaf buds softer.

4. Drying and Firing

Now we’re on the stage of drying and getting their moisture off to make the leaf last longer and improve its flavor. In this process, the tea leaves are now called “aracha” and soon when it’s graded it will be called as “tencha”.

5. Maturing

The last process is waiting for the tea leaf to mature into several months before distributing to the world of the market. This Gyokuro Green tea requires hard work and patience to accomplish and establish the greatest result.

Thus, it is quite worth the wait knowing a lot of people needing this type of green tea that will give a better result and even make their lives longer in this world.

Let’s have a look at the following health benefits of Gyokuro tea.


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There are various causes of cancer such as eating foods that are carcinogenic, people prone to radiation that can cause breast cancer, certain bacterial infection with pathogens that can cause stomach cancer and so many others.

It is good to know that Gyokuro tea has a high content of antioxidants and it can fight free radicals that are responsible for the growth of tumors all over our body.

In some matter, it helps to repair any damaged cells in our body. Making this a regular drink will make our body rich in antioxidants, which every cup of tea drink provide us more even healthier and will make you feel regenerating.

2. Stable Healthy Heart

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They said heart attack is the most silent killer in our body.  A heart attack happens when the flow of oxygen-rich blood to a section of heart muscle suddenly becomes blocked and the heart can’t get oxygen.

It occurs as a result of coronary heart disease (CHD), also called coronary artery disease. If a heart problem cannot rescue right away it may cause severe or long lasting problem.

If you wish to keep your heart always free from any heart problems do have a regular Gyokuro green tea every day and it will surely help you.

Additionally, every taste of this tea in your body will give your body a satisfactory result that contains nutrients, minerals, high in antioxidants and vitamins that lessen any risk of cardiovascular diseases by controlling your bad cholesterol and good regulations in your blood-sugar levels.

Moreover, to have the fastest result and most effective result always make your Gyokuro green tea unsweetened and it will also help lessen blood pressure and always protect your body from any dangerous body toxins.


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Isn’t amazing to have an active mind that lasts long all throughout the day? Aristotle once said that “The energy of the mind is the essence of life” base of this philosophy you will see the importance of a healthy mind.

It will greatly affect every sector of your body for the reason that it is responsible for what is being programmed in your keen mind.

Apart from its mental benefits, it will also help one’s person from depression.  It contains an antidepressant agent which is theanine.

Theanine compound has potential ability to reduce mental and physical stress, improve cognition and even boost mood, and cognitive performance in a synergistic manner with caffeine.

The bottom line is Gyokuro green tea has a healthier caffeine and theanine as it will release in your body within the day, which means it will give you more energy and alertness, improve your memory reaction time and most improve and enhance your mental concentration.

4. Dental Health

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To have more confidence in every smile we should have a healthy teeth and gums. This Green tea provides a high amount of fluoride and minerals which fight the bacteria, tooth decay and plaque. It also gives us fresher breath, healthier gums, and teeth.

In fact, a recent study of a 2016 review of “Green tea in Oral health” published in Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal stated in their conclusion that green tea plays a role in maintaining oral health.

Green tea reduces the incidence of dental caries through different mechanisms including enzymes activity and bacterial growth. Researchers need to define the mechanisms of action of green tea over the oral micro-organisms for their prevention and treatment.

So why not try Gyokuro green tea and avail its magnificent benefit and have a healthy teeth and gums.

5. Weight Loss and fit body

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Have you gained so much weight and depletes your self-esteem and affects your social life? It’s time to stop worrying from these things and build yourself a new you and aim for a healthy body and mind.

Start to have a healthy lifestyle by taking Gyokuro tea in your daily schedule and witness it breathtaking and powerful effects on your body.

Gyokuro green tea has given us help to reduce the excess fats and burn quickly as it contains high antioxidants named EGCG which speed up your metabolism, and burning calories much easier and faster.

Combining a regular exercise and proper diet will make it more closely to perfect body goal. Furthermore, maintaining the unsweetened Gyokuro every day makes more effective losing weight.

 6.Gyokuro tea for amazing skin

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Everybody wished for a healthy and glowing skin. A beauty that is away from skin diseases, rashes and allergies.

Hence, if you are suffering from these kinds of diseases, Gyokuro tea is easy to acquire in the market. Now you have no difficulty in purchasing this Gyokuro green tea since it is a fast booming used product worldwide.

In fact, 2008 study of “Green tea: Health benefits” published in Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine shows the possible benefit of green tea into the skin and stated in their study that the treatment of green tea polyphenols to skin has been shown to modulate the biochemical pathways involved in inflammatory responses, cell proliferation and responses of chemical tumor promoters as well as ultraviolet light-induced inflammatory markers of skin inflammation.

Brewing Preparation:

  1. Add tea. Scoop one heaping tablespoon of Gyokuro into a 12-ounce teapot with a built-in mesh strainer. You can’t use an infusing basket.
  2. Add water. Use room-temperature filtered or spring water. Add enough to just barely cover the leaves, about two ounces.
  3. Steep for 7 minutes. Clear your mind and become rooted in your seat. Breathe. Open your senses. Your palate will thank you.
  4. The leaves will absorb most of the water. When you pour, allow the infusion to dribble out until you have about one tablespoon of tea. Share with your guests or savor it all for yourself. (If you get more than a tablespoon of tea, you’ve added too much water.)



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