Gyokuro Green Tea Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About

;Gyokuro Green Tea, also known as jade jew, is considered to be one of the highest grades of green tea in Japan and one of the most expensive types of Japanese green tea. It has a dark green color, and when brewed it is slightly sweet, with a refreshing aroma.

Gyokuro Green Tea: History

It is discovered in 1835 and is abundant in the regions of Yame, Uiji and Asahina in Japan. Gyokuro Green Tea undergoes a special processing method and is harvested just once a year and then only in certain tea plantations.

This makes this Japanese green tea quite expensive and difficult to find. This green tea is grown in a misty and rainy climate at a lower altitude than sencha, a more common Japanese green tea.

Gyokuro Green Tea Benefits

Gyokuro Green Tea, like all green teas, is an unfermented tea containing a variety of natural compounds, including flavonoids, polyphenols, and proanthocyanidins.

It is rich in antioxidants, which means that every cup of tea you drink may provide you with wonderful health benefits that will make you feel great.

Some of these chemicals are potent antioxidants that destroy free radicals, metabolic byproducts or environmental toxins that may damage cellular membranes or DNA.

Free radicals contribute to aging and numerous health problems such as heart disease and cancer.

Many practitioners, especially in Asian countries, use Gyokuro  Green Tea to treat many ailments, including heart problems, diabetes, and digestive disorders.

Modern research indicates that Gyokuro Green Tea has significant health benefits. Let’s take a look at its following health benefits that could do wonder towards achieving a quality and healthier you!

1. Gyokuro Green Tea for Skin

Gyokuro tea is steeped in benefits. The detoxification benefits of drinking Gyokuro Green Tea hydrates not just the body but the skin too which helps to make skin smooth and flexible.

Once the body is hydrated, the liquid will help to remove toxins from the body, which improves the overall health and definitely boosts the skin health.

By removing the toxins out of the body, the skin will be acne and blemish free. Removing the toxins also helps to improve the complexion.

Gyokuro Green tea also contains antioxidants catechins. These have anti-bacterial properties help improve the immune system’s capabilities thus, heal bacterial infections, including skin infections.

These same antioxidants also help with inflammation reduction. The skin won’t be as red, with various ailments improving faster. Acne is improved and reduced, while scars heal much quicker.


Gyokuro Green Tea also contains compounds that help with the rejuvenation of the skin. It reactivates the skin cells, helping to promote healing and softness.

Not only will you have better-looking skin, but you can also help to limit and reverse some of the damage caused by pollution and the sun. It could also be possible to reduce the risks of cancer.

2. Fat Burner

Green tea antioxidants, namely EGCG, speed up your metabolism, burning calories and fat much faster.

Combining a regular exercise and proper diet will make it more closely to perfect body goal. Furthermore, maintaining the unsweetened Gyokuro every day makes more effective losing weight.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrated that matcha has thermogenic properties that promote the oxidation of fat beyond its caffeine content.

Here’s a tip:

You can even eat Gyokuro green tea leaves since they are so soft and tender. Try eating them with soy sauce and lemon juice. Try this and then create your own green tea recipes.

3. Fight Cancer

Due to its high content of antioxidants, Gyokuro green tea is able to fight free radicals, which are responsible for the growth of tumors.

Moreover, Gyokuro green tea will strengthen your immune system, making it able to fight harmful bacteria and reduce the risk of cancer.

The EGCGs are also active in breast cancer and prostate cancer, skin and lung cancer and cancer of the oral cavity and esophagus, tumors in the liver, pancreas, intestines, stomach, bladder, and brains.

Drinking Gyokuro green tea and other green teas on a daily basis to help prevent disease and premature cell aging.

3. Maintain focus and Alertness

Green tea contains caffeine and theanine. Gyokuro green tea, due to the leaves being less exposed to sunlight than any other green tea, has a higher amount of caffeine than most.

Theanine compound has potential ability to reduce mental and physical stress, improve cognition and even boost mood, and cognitive performance in a synergistic manner with caffeine.

The bottom line is Gyokuro green tea has a healthier caffeine and theanine as it will release in your body within the day, which means it will give you more energy and alertness, improve your memory reaction time and most improve and enhance your mental concentration.

Therefore, if you are looking for an energy boost that lasts longer, without getting stressed, Gyokuro is a great coffee alternative.

4. Good For The Heart

Drinking tea on a regular basis is a good way to do it in keeping your heart healthy.  Drinking green tea fills your body with minerals, nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins.

These will reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, by lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and regulating your blood sugars levels.

Moreover, to have the fastest and most effective result, always make your Gyokuro green tea unsweetened.

It will also help lessen blood pressure and always protect your body from any dangerous body toxins.

5. Dental Health

The presence of fluoride and minerals in your Gyokuro tea makes your breath fresher. You will surely have reasons to smile more as a healthy mouth is the first step to a healthy digestive system.

Gyokuro green tea will help clean your mouth. It will act as an antiviral agent, preventing bacterial infections, dental plaque, and tooth decay.

Moreover, green tea reduces the incidence of dental caries through different mechanisms including enzymes activity and bacterial growth.

Researchers need to define the mechanisms of action of green tea over the oral micro-organisms for their prevention and treatment.

Other Health Benefits

Gyokuro green tea could also lessen your risk for diabetes by keeping your blood glucose in a healthy range.

It also helps reducing stress on the cells in your pancreas that produce insulin. It could also protect the liver from damage caused by toxic substances.

EGCG in Gyokuro may also help treat hepatitis, a liver inflammation caused by a virus, and may reduce inflammation that accompanies other disorders such as Crohn’s disease and colitis.

Side Notes:

Gyokuro is now available in the market in any form; either as loose dried leaves or as a supplement in capsules. Experts generally considered it safe, however, gyokuro contains caffeine.

It may cause palpitations, dizziness or insomnia in some people. Thus experts highly recommend discussing its use with your doctor first before adding it to your regimen.

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