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Tea Challenge – A high jumper insect Grasshopper Ver.

Good? or ummm Gross?

I’m sure it’s a cup of tea. But what’s tea though?

I’d say that anything can be a drink of tea in boiling water and poured in a nice expensive cup. It’s simple. Put some dried whole grasshoppers in boiling water to make a cup of tea by your regular tea receipt. Nothing special to do it. Might be some braveness and curiousness with you. Let’s explore tea.

Do you have any tea which you regularly drink? I’d say it’s Hojicha (roasted tea) that relaxes and gives energy.

Why this came up for this challenge, just for my curiosity.

My sons caught nice shaped grasshoppers in a summer and they put all of them in a small case to keep… (Actually, feeding became one of my sons’s house chore.)  They enjoyed observing everyday but somehow little children in general get bores easily and find another fun after and after. A couple of months passed, my wife found them died and totally dried out in the entrance porch. That was terribly sad but they were as they were (You can see them in a video.) They were beautiful.

Rang a bell!

Make grasshopper tea!

Insects themselves have great nutrition in themselves that some tribes still have eaten them to keep their health. And some regions in Japan also still have an interesting food tradition to eat insects and larvae of them called Inago(Locusts), Hachinoko( bee larva) and others. Therefore, they are unconsciously kind of closer to me since those insects was already eaten in the Edo Period (I haven’t eaten them though!)

step 1. give it a shot

Do not need to be afraid. Just have fun every single moment.

Step 2. taste as it is and appreciate it

Having vegetables, meat, noodles, tea, wine… are not only the way to get nutrition. Get rid of the stereotype.

step 3. take a buddy

This is your option.

step 4. drink your favorite tea after the challenge

You need this.

NOTE: We paid attention to hygiene and got into a good physical condition


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