Ginger Tea’s Natural Abilities When It Comes to Boosting Your Immunity and Keeping You Healthy

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is actually a flowering plant. The ginger root that we often used as a spice is its rhizome.

Ginger-root has a stingy, aromatic essence and has a lot of wonderful effects on the body because of its active volatile oils and phenol compounds.

The spicy, aromatic root of the ginger plant has been used by many cultures in cooking and in medicine.

Ginger-root tea is one of the best cure for common colds along with other types of herbal tea. According to the book entitled “The New Healing Herb”, the chemical compound of ginger helps the body to fight off destructive microorganisms that often causes viral diseases.

  • Reduces Pain and Inflammation

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that can help ease joint pain and prevent the triggering of pain receptors in the body.

Regular consumption of ginger tea can have abundant effect in reducing pain and inflammation in the body.

With this, ginger tea is a big help if you are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Gulping down few cups of this tea every day can help get rid of the tiredness, swelling, and puffiness of sore muscles and joints.

  • Treats Cough and Colds

The anti-inflammatory effects of ginger tea are the responsible for relieving a sore throat and cough quickly.

In addition to that, the compounds in ginger help get rid of rhinoviruses that are the common cause of colds.

Additionally, drinking three or more cups of ginger tea daily can greatly help especially if you frequently suffer from a cough and runny nose.

The tea leaves warmness to the body and makes you feel refresh especially on a very cold winter day.

  • Strengthens Immunity

Our immune system is our first line of defense against common diseases. It is equally important that we are consuming enough foods that strengthen our body’s defenses.

In addition to all the nutritious foods you eat, adding ginger tea to your diet can totally do wonders for your immune system.

In fact, many people use ginger tea for cold symptoms, allergies, and infections as an effective natural remedy.

Ginger-tea contains a lot of antioxidants that are essential for a strong immune system. Aside from that, it can also provide trace amounts of vitamin C.

Drinking a cup of ginger tea daily cuts the risk of respiratory tract infections, fungal infections, and other diseases.

  • Relieves Stress

If you had been combating stress and anxiety lately, then you should consider adding a cup of ginger tea to your meal.

There is a correlation between stress and having an unsettled stomach. The more you are stressed, the more stomach acid is produced.

With the consumption of ginger tea, studies suggest that it can lessen stress and anxiety by balancing the hormones and acid in the body.

The antioxidant in ginger also helps cleanse the harmful chemicals that are produced when we are stressed.

Moreover, ginger tea is also very effective in soothing you and can even help you have a restful sleep.

  • Relieves Nausea and Vomiting

Relieving nausea and vomiting and another motion sickness has been one of the helpful ginger tea benefits.

Studies suggest that the use of ginger tea decreases both nausea and vomiting that occur frequently in pregnant women.

Aside from that, it can also help relieve such problems associated with the use of chemotherapy drugs.

Drinking this tea is a great option if you are tired of the sedating effects of many over-the-counter medications.

You can even add a few drops of lemon or mint in your cup of ginger tea if you want. For pregnant women, you can check with your doctor first before taking anything to ensure there are no other side effects.

  • Promotes Weight Loss

The weight loss effects of consuming ginger tea are more of a ripple effect from having a positive and energetic mood to burning more calories.

But recent studies added that ginger has a type of caffeine that helps lose weight. The “edible amphetamine” in ginger enhances thermogenesis and curbs hunger pangs.

It can help you feel full and help reduce caloric intake for the day.

Furthermore, other studies suggest that ginger promotes fat breakdown and prevents storage of new fat deposits.

Clinical studies involving this concluded that those who consume more ginger have a smaller waist and lower body mass index.

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