Do Sencha and Gyokuro have different flavors?

Yes. Normally, Sencha has a refreshing taste and flavor. On the other hand, Gyokuro has its own unique taste and flavor.

How long is the expiration date established for Japanese tea?

It lasts for 6 months when unopened and stored in a normal temperature.

How many hours does the infused tea last?

Normally, it lasts about 12 hours when refrigerated.

How many times can I infuse the same tea leaves?

When you infuse 3 grams of tea leaves by hot boiling water for 2 minutes, the tea ingredients decreases gradually from the 1st infusion to 2nd, 2nd to the 3rd. 3rd infusion  has almost nothing of the ingredients.

Is Japanese tea good for health?

Normally, it is said that drinking tea is good to prevent physical deterioration, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and cancer. It also protects you from catching cold, viral infection, cavities, allergy, and keeps your skin in health and beautiful.

What is the color of Japanese tea?

Basic color is “greenish yellow”. Color of tea may change by the amount of chlorophyll content. Higher quality tea tends to have more clear and transparent color.

What kind of food goes well with Japanese tea?

Any kind of food goes along well, but the best recommend food would be Japanese dishes. Even hamburgers, turkey dishes, and tacos can go well. If you take Japanese tea with your favorite dishes, it would add a new taste. Japanese tea can also be enjoyed with cakes and chocolates as a replacement of black tea. Since Matcha has a slight bitter taste, taking Matcha with some sweets should be a joy in your mouth as you are having a party.

What is the difference of Uji tea from others?

Usually, rich soil and a plenty of water is needed to grow tea plants. Uji River which runs through Uji city and the amount of annual rainfalls reaching over 1500mm affords enough water. The landscape with slightly elevated slant causes the fluctuation of day and night air temperatures which makes mist to occur easily. Moreover, Uji has well-drained land with fertile soil just perfect for growing tea plants. This wonderful environment for tea cultivation must be the basis of Uji tea as a top quality Japanese tea. As a result, Uji tea has particularly good flavor.

I would like to send the starter kit as a gift. Can I place several orders in one account?

Yes. Purchasing several starter kits in one account is possible.

Can I ask to send products to several different addresses in one purchase?

Sorry. If you like to send our products to different places, please place your order per each address and change the recipient information.

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