Everything you need to know about Atkins Diet

Study shows that heavy unbalanced health and malnutrition were mostly from overeating. According to the combined report by the UNICEF ,WHO, and ASEAN, most countries in Southeast Asia have seen a constant rise of the economy in this past years making the rampant poverty rate decrease.

However, at the same time, these countries are facing the burden of malnutrition, especially to those middle-income countries.

In the Philippines, overweight children have been continuously rising with 1% in 1992 and 5% in 2013 heart disease, stroke and diabetes cost the Philippines billions, according to report.

Recent reports of National Nutrition Survey by the food and nutrition institute stated that one-third of the population aging 20 years old and above are either obese or overweight.

It also became a societal concern affecting the Filipinos.

According to Maria –Bernadita Flores, assistant secretary of Health, “poor individual choices” alone is not just the contributing factor of over nutrition but a dietary pattern is also included together with other aspects such as physical activity and social economic status.

Basic physical activity like walking can burn calories easy. Going to the gym, jogging, or other rigorous activities are just simply there, you just have to pound some effort into it.

However, proper diet remains a question of guts where it is the most complicated part of the overall weightless program.

Since dietary techniques are now viral on the web, most people tend to look for a program that is effective and would cost you less.

Americans have its way of finding the best tool for a proper diet. Although this technique has its way on a controversial spotlight, it is still considered effective.


Atkins diet is not just the typical diet plan. It’s related book authored by its creator Dr. Robert C. Atkins became best-selling in 1972.

It was so popular that books related to his work were written and published selling more than 40 million dollars worldwide.

Atkins diet is a low carbohydrate diet, usually advised by physicians for weight loss. This suggests that the person can eat proteins and fats as much as they want but avoid foods with high carbohydrate content.

Changing the eating habit is the main maneuver of Atkins diet. Having low-carb diet is effective that reducing carbohydrate consumption while adding more grams of protein will make the appetite go down and end up eating less calories then making it a habit.

Most people called the diet a demon because of the saturated fat absorption since Atkins diet also suggests the increase of fat intake.

You don’t have to worry, study shows saturated fat is harmless.

The trick is to adjust your body’s food craving and switching battery by making your body seek for another energy source.

Since it’s a low carb diet, fats will become your body’s energy source.

Digging deeper on Atkins diet, let’s check its phases, proper dieting, menu, and information its benefits and precautions.

Brief Overview

The Atkins diet was created by an American cardiologist Dr. Robert Atkins, claiming that low-carb diet mainly focused on low carbohydrate consumption.

He developed this unique diet plan after he read a research paper in the journal of the American Medical Association entitled “Weight Reduction” to find an answer for his problem about his obesity.

After he published his best-selling book about Atkins diet in 1972, he then founded Atkins nutritional in 1989 to promote his low-carb packaged foods of his diet plan.

The diet became well-known worldwide that over time many developed they’re own modified and improved Atkins diet and dieters recommendation.

This popular diet plan advises consuming low or modified carb foods that are preferably high in fats and protein.

This has been a practice by Atkins enthusiasts for more than 40 years.

Phases of Atkins Diet

Atkins diet is not for the faint-hearted. Chances there is that you need to stay moderately low-carb for life.

If you start to follow the diet plan and on midway start to eat the same old food again with the same amount, you will gain back the weight.

This is actually the standard result for any weight loss diet. The diet is potentially effective depending on individuals willingness to follow Atkins food standard.

The Atkins diet has its different levels, usually four phases. It determines which food to consume depending on your current weight ratio.

• Phase 1 ( The Induction Phase).

The strictest and almost zero carb phase. Eliminating almost all carbs by consuming a majority of no-carb foods this phase is where your metabolism switch from carb dependent for energy to stored body fat.

In this phase, it is suggested that 20 grams of carbs or less per day for two weeks.

• Phase 2 Balancing Phase (Ongoing Weight Loss Phase).

This is where you increase the carb intake by 5 grams daily for one to two weeks. The purpose is to observe the body’s reaction without regaining or stop losing weight.

• Phase 3 (Pre Maintenance).

You’re almost there. You are now very close in reaching your preferred weight. Try to add more carbs until weight loss slows down

• Phase 4 (Lifetime Maintenance).

When observing how much your body can tolerate on eating carbs, you should understand that you’ll be able to eat a variety of foods without gaining weight.

The information you gather from the previous phases will be useful to sustain your eating pattern and this time with healthy carbs, veggies, fats, etc.

A Simple MENU

Many times we mentioned about what is Atkins diet but controlling the consumption of carbs is way more easy to hear than we thought it would be when executing it.

There are few suitable lists of foods for induction phase and gradually increasing the carbs as you move to the next phase.

For breakfast, you can always start with eggs and vegetables. You can also choose to start your day with bacon and meat fried with coconut oil or butter.

For lunch, chicken salad with olive oil and nuts are the best choice. You can also add shrimp salad on your menu but it is recommended to eat left over food stir fry from dinner a night before.

Left over foods have fewer calories compared from the first time it was cooked.

For dinner, you have there steak and veggies, cheese burger (without the buns), ground beef stir fry, meat balls, chicken wings, and pork chop.

You always pair meat with vegetables for nutrients and protein intake.

However, if you think the other recipes are way harder to acquire, you can make a simple research or you can check the nutritional facts located at the back of every purchased food products.

Checking on your health professionals for advice will be helpful as well.

Foods to avoid

• Sugar: Sugar contains fructose. Not only it’s completely useless but also bad for the liver. Your body will automatically store it as fat.

Examples of foods and beverages such as fruit juices, cakes, ice cream, etc.

• Grains: Grains are high in carbohydrates. Eating this will defy Atkin diet’s motive in the first place. Sample foods such as Wheat, barley, rice.

• Trans Fats: avoid processed food with “hydrogenated” on it.

• “Diet” and “Low-Fat” Foods: foods and beverages today mostly processed and unnatural. The most nutritional company claims low-fat products are more healthy than other foods out there in the market.

Although it’s true their products have less fat in it, it is being replaced with sugar instead of making it more harmful than with fat content.

• High-Carb Vegetables: knowing what the vegetables with high carb content helps you fill your menu during the induction phase. Examples Carrots, turnips, potatoes, beets, squash. etc.

• High-Carb Fruits: it’s easy to say fruits with high sugar content should be avoided especially during the induction phase. Examples here are Bananas, apples, oranges, pears, grapes.

• Legumes: beans, bean sprout, etc.
For beverages, water is the best to be listed first on a menu while tea, although can be costly, is considered healthiest drink and is recommended by professionals for its best benefits.

Benefits and Side effects

Atkins diet is followed by millions and is now enjoying its effectiveness. Actress, Alyssa Milano blogged on Atkins website about her success.

Atkins diet claims that its eating plan can prevent serious health conditions such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardio vascular disease.

To be exact, diets that help losing weight can reverse risk the factor heart disease and diabetes.

A study shows that people who went through Atkins diet had improved triglycerides, hat suggests healthier heart.

Going through Atkins diet may cause possible side effects. It’s like changing power after a blackout, the body needs to switch from one energy source to another.

This happens in the first phase, the induction. 20grams of carbs a day is a crucial task for first timers. The effect will be fatigue, trouble in exercising due to loss of interest for being tired.

Your body will need to adjust its habitual digestion on the 1st to 2nd phase. This means digestive problems like constipation and indigestion caused by too much fat intake.

Your body will be craving for its former food consumption. It is not avoided that mood swings kicks in as you go through the phases of Atkins diet.

Self-awareness should be practiced before or during dietary plans. Consulting with health experts is necessary to avoid consequences.

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