14 Surprising Reasons You Are Gaining Weight: Notice These

You’ve seemingly been eating properly trying to stay fit. But, for some reasons you’re gaining weight. And the numbers on that scale just won’t come down and you often wonder where it all went wrong.

Sometimes, the reasons for weight gain could be the little mundane things we do every day, and the most random and shocking habits we have that lead us to gain weight. Check out these lists we’ve compiled for you and let’s see where you went wrong on your own.

  • You ignore the most important meal of the day.

If you’re of the many people who skips breakfast in hopes to lose a little bit of weight, then you need to hear this out.

Skipping breakfast is actually not helping you to lose weight, but rather causes weight gain.

When you don’t eat for breakfast you could develop what experts call “metabolic syndrome”, or accumulation of fat in the abdomen area.

The body starts to activate enzymes that stockpile fat when it senses that there is no food in the body. Thus, the body collects all lipids and fats in the abdomen area and store them for later.

  • You love midnight snacks.

Eating late at night may make you gain weight and cause health problems. According to studies, eating at night led to twice as much weight gain, even when the total calories consumed were the same.

Moreover, after-dinner snacks tend to be consist of large portions of high-calorie foods, eaten while sitting in front of the TV or computer.

And before you realize, you’d consume already the entire bag or carton. Besides unnecessary extra calories, eating too close or past bedtime can cause indigestion and other sleeping problems.

  • You hate green tea.

You read somewhere that green tea helps in losing weight, so the next day you decide you wanted to try. But instead of gulping green tea in the middle of the day, you find yourself with a can of soda from a nearby vending machine.

You promised to have it tomorrow, but after a few sips you went back to your glass of fruit juice. You don’t know why, but you just can’t seem to add green tea in your daily grind.

If you can’t get it straight with green tea, you can try other types of tea, and maybe – just maybe it could work out well for you.

  • You don’t wanna get active.

You hate going around outside for short run, you don’t like the idea of an outdoor hike with friends, much more the idea of going into the gym for a fitness class.

Physical activities can significantly increase the number of calories you burn every day. However, a sedentary lifestyle increases the signals to store fat, and it can be very hard to get enough physical activity to lose the extra calories.

  • You’re too sweet.

You are literally too sweet, you actually store boxes of your favorite Hershey’s at the back of your bed.

Consuming too much sweets also means consuming a lot of calories. People who eat sugar get more calories than they burn off with physical activity.

Although too much consumption of sweets can further lead to weight gain, some experts claim that a right amount of chocolate can actually aid in weight loss. For more interesting information, click here.

  • You don’t wanna shake it up.

You love going through recipes of a perfect smoothie for weight loss, and you’d been eyeing for the ideal DIY fruit-infused water recipes online, but you just don’t have the energy to actually do so.

So every morning, you still end up with your usual bacon-and-egg breakfast meal. You totally need some motivation to shake it up and make your own green and healthy fruit smoothie and protein shake before it’s too late.

  • You don’t consider non-meat protein sources.

Yes, you love to eat meat every single time. Your reason? They provide you with protein. You tend to overlook the idea that there are other non-meat protein sources that you can eat.

You actually love eggs, cheese, peanuts, and beans but you just hate the idea that you won’t ever get to have any reasons to eat meat anymore.

So you ditch off the idea of other protein food sources and enjoy your plate of steak every time.

  • You’re a social butterfly.

Instead of spending time with your family and loved ones at home, you love to be at all social gatherings.

You tend to be invited to “too many” social events that you tend you to consume all sorts of unhealthy food and drinks.

From a heavy full meal to sweet deserts to alcoholic beverages, you just can’t say no. You’re enjoying too much to care about your health, and before you knew it, all your jeans won’t seem to fit you no more.

  • You don’t consider yoga.

Yoga is not just for self-awareness, it is also known to help weight loss. Not only that, it could help you become stronger and get rid of ailments, aches, and pains.

So if you are not giving yoga a chance in your whole lifetime, then chances are that you are just leading yourself for something unhealthy.

Yoga is good for weight loss, and the good thing is that it’s not really that hard to start while you can. Check out this article.

  • You love yourself way too much.

So, you love to indulge yourself too much with almost anything that you crave in the moment. And you just can’t say “NO” to your little cravings that you end up consuming more than what is necessary.

You need to learn the art of negotiating with yourself. Yes, you are allowed to love yourself. But no, not too much that you end up gaining 5 kilos in the next few weeks.

  • You’re too caffeinated.

We get it – you just love coffee too much. But what are the chances that this low-key obsession of yours could actually add up to your weight problems?

While drinking coffee in moderation can be good for your health, overdoing it isn’t. According to a study, Australian researchers found out that drinking more than five or six cups a day of coffee can lead to weight gain and boost your risk of metabolic syndrome.

  • You’re stress-eating.

You have an awfully bad day at work, or at school, so the next thing you do – you go to the nearest restaurant and order for two.

You’re too stress to care the waiter’s confused look when you order. Little did he know, you’re about to do what you do best – gulping down two orders and eat everything alone. That’s just how you deal with stress, and you are not sorry.

  • You love to read with a bowl of chips.

For the love of books. You love to spend your free time reading your current book obsession, and of course with a bowl of your favorite chips.

This got to be your hobby for a month now, and you wonder why you’re not losing any weight? Junk foods actually affect some of the brain centers that control and regulate hunger.

As it turns out, eating junk foods can lead to a strong physiological drive within the brain to eat more and get fat.

  • You don’t sleep enough.

As a general rule, we need 8 hours of sleep at night to function at our best every day. So what happens when you don’t get to have enough sleep?

According to a study, losing out on sleep creates a vicious cycle in your body. It can make you more prone to various factors contributing to weight gain.

The more sleep-deprived you are, the higher your stress hormone, that further leads to increase your appetite.

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